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State-of-the-Art Solar Panel Installation

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Trust Alliance Solar for Your Home's Solar Panel Installation

Alliance Solar helps strengthen the number of home and business owners choosing solar each year. It is our mission to advise & persuade residents of our country to go solar due to all the outstanding benefits solar provides for our communities. As a locally owned & operated company, we’re working to educate our community about solar installation. That being said, the component we most often teach is our method for solar installation.

Before solar panel installation can occur, there is a great deal of leg-work that must go into the process with our customers, but don't stress! We handle it all. First, a site visit of your home or commercial location will be completed to determine compatibility. This includes a formal evaluation of the roof (angling, shading, sizing) and other potential elements that may disqualify the property for solar. Keep in mind, the majority of homes are eligible. Once necessary paperwork & permitting are complete, the solar energy contractors can enter the next phase.

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So, How are Home Solar Panels Actually Installed? 

Despite home solar panels being installed quickly (most often in a single day), there is a great deal of prep work required to ensure that your panels are secure and connected precisely. The following steps are handled by our operations experts who specialize in direct-mount solar systems.

  1. Roof Preparation: First, the roof is cleaned in order to guarantee a successful mounting process for the solar panels. Our solar contractors will place mounts or racks on the roof and drill into the rafter so they are secure. Mounts are reinforced with steel bolts and the surrounding area is sealed. 
  2. Mounting the Panels: Then, one by one the solar panels are connected to the mounting system and checked for security necessary to withstand any “upforce”, which can occur due to weather and wind conditions.
  3. Wiring Connection: Once the solar panels are installed on the rooftop, the solar panel wiring connection is completed. Wires are run from each panel to the power inverter kits, creating a conduction system. Additional wiring is then extended from the panel system to an electrical meter, and the net meter if you choose net metering for your home solar panels.
  4. Flipping the Switch: Time to connect to the grid! The activation portion of solar panel installation is often the most relieving and exciting part of the process because you can begin enjoying savings! 
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Benefits of Solar Panel Installation

To most homeowners, solar speaks for itself. On the other hand, there are a growing number of solar installation benefits that many don’t know about! One of those benefits is that solar installation increases the value of your home. For the average homeowner, the value of your home can increase by 3-4% when you install a solar panel system. Moreover, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, homes with solar sell 20% faster than those without. Other benefits of going solar include:

  • Faster return on investment (ROI)
  • Net metering - sell the energy your panels produce
  • Environmental impact

The aspect of solar installation which most consumers think about is ‘going green’, noting a desire as a nation to be more environmentally conscientious. However, the other aspect of this green agenda is the savings and return on investment you can make through financial freedom. Why not go green while making green? See if you qualify today. Contact Alliance Solar today for a free estimate! 

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Time is Running Out... The Federal Solar Tax Credit Expires in 2022!

The Federal Solar Tax Credit or ITC for short provides homeowners and business owners alike the opportunity to receive a 26% deduction of their total solar panel system costs from the taxes you owe at the end of the year. BUT, there’s a catch. 2020 is the only year that the credit will be this high of a rebate. In fact, the Federal Solar Tax Credit disappears for homeowners at the end of 2021. 

That’s why, Alliance Solar is on a mission to get the word out to the public. Now is the time to go solar! Don’t wait until you can’t receive the credit you deserve when you make the green choice for you, your family, & your community.

Want to learn more about our solar company? Call our customer care team, get your questions answered, and obtain a fast estimate on solar panel installation, today!

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Go Green & GO SOLAR with Solar Panel Installation

The majority of homes in the US continue to produce energy via fossil fuels, which contribute to air pollution impacting the environment, atmosphere, and climate. Solar panel installers, like Alliance Solar, are working to reverse the detrimental impact that fossil fuels have evoked in the world.

Solar energy is considered ‘green energy,’ but what is meant by this? The energy that is generated by solar panels is sustainable because it uses the sun’s rays in order to convert it to electricity. As long as there is the sun shining down, solar energy can be used to power homes. And, with net metering laws in effect, homeowners with solar panels have a significant advantage. They can sell the excess power that their panels produce and buy it back from the grid at a one to one rate.

Make the choice to go green by opting to go solar today. Call your local solar experts at Alliance Solar to receive your free estimate!

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See what our customers have to say:
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"The Alliance Solar team is very professional, reliable and did a great job for a competitive price. Very satisfied with the finished look and excited to start saving with solar. I highly recommend them."
- Olivia Page

Solar Panel Installation, Simplified.

Have you always wanted to own your financial freedom? Maybe you’ve been interested in going solar to generate your own power for your home but, didn’t know how to proceed. Solar is the answer! This is our solar panel process laid out.


Contact Alliance Solar and we will walk you through the various factors, which impact a homeowner's ability to qualify for solar such as roofing material type, credit score, sun hours, and your property's location.


After our company determines that you're qualified for solar panel installation, we will put together a plan which we will propose to you regarding panel options and financing. We guide you through, each step of the way!


Once all the paperwork and permitting is completed, the grunt work begins. Our solar experts will install your new solar panels and connect you to the grid. Any excess power you generate is netted back to you.

We stand behind our quality materials & expert installation. Get started now!

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