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Alliance Solar: The Industry-Leading Solar Company

The #1 Local Solar Company with Services Throughout the USA.

Sustainable. Outstanding. Local. Authentic. Reliable.

Solar is a national powerhouse. Alliance Solar is part of this solar movement. Unlike other solar companies, our company believes that when homeowners “go solar,” they are creating elevated financial freedom and power for themselves, their family, and other locals when energy is netted back to the grid. 

We want to be the team you trust to make the switch to solar and decrease your carbon footprint. Our name, Alliance, is defined as a coming together or association formed for mutual benefit with set joint goals. When you work with our solar company, this is exactly what you can expect. You’ll work with knowledgeable professionals who work in collaboration with you versus some other companies out there who try to squeeze you for your money. Our name is trusted throughout the United States, and we are one of the fastest-growing solar companies. Contact us today to learn more about us and how we can help you go solar, today!

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Our Solar Mission & Vision

Alliance Solar operates on the core mission of building an organization that grants its customers financial freedom and generate their POWER. Help us solve one of the world’s biggest problems!

We take pride in declaring the pursuit of power and financial freedom as the primary reason for what we do. Our local solar company firmly believes that to create a positive impact on the world, you first have to worry about number one…yourself. We must create a net positive impact on our communities; Meaning 100% of our solar business is dedicated to solving the world’s biggest and most pressing issues. The first step, educating others on the benefits of going solar to reversely impact climate change.

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Our Dedicated Solar Team

The Alliance Solar team is made up of solars providers who are as knowledgeable as they are personable. Initially, when you contact us, you can expect to speak with a customer service representative who will walk you through various eligibility requirements and answer all your questions regarding going solar.

Next, our representative will connect you with a member of our sales team who will provide you with a comprehensive proposal and guide you through the options surrounding solar panel installation and financing. Once you accept the proposal and sign the solar contract, your dedicated solar expert will contact our solar installer to begin the process of designing, completing permitting, and then installing your new solar panels. We also have engineers at the ready if the stability of your roof is in question. 

After you go solar, you'll begin to see why we are considered one of the best solar companies. Alliance Solar is there when you need increased financial freedom, decrease your carbon footprint, and generate your own power!

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Our Company's Solar Process

Whether you fill out a form online or contact us directly, our team will contact you ASAP. The first step in the process is to determine if you qualify, which most homeowners do. Next, a member of our sales team will meet with you, either virtually or in-person, to discuss your options for solar panels and financing (buy, finance-to-own, PPA). Once you accept the solar proposal and the solar contract is signed, our company can get to work, collaborating with our installer on the solar panel installation and permitting. 

After all the paperwork is filled & filed, the permits are in place, and the site visits are complete, it's time for you to Go Solar! We'll connect your system to the grid and flip the switch. Quickly, you'll see firsthand the benefits of your solar panels including net metering credits, solar renewable energy credits, and tax incentives when tax season approaches. Trust the #1 solar company in the USA!

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Why Should You Choose Alliance Solar

The Solar Contractors Who Want to Show You How to Get Free Solar Panels.

Local & Community Owned

Alliance Solar is the community's solar company. Don't try to DIY solar panels! Trust the solar team who has your best interest at heart!

Better Values

Our mission is to spread solar across the nation & educate residents on money that could be slipping through their fingers via solar tax credits & solar panel rebates.

Financial Freedom

Whether you need small solar panels or commercial solar panels, our team is ready to help you go solar & obtain freedom by generating your own power!

We stand behind our quality materials & expert installation. Get started now!

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