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Your switch to solar is the shift our world needs

Nationally, New Jersey is the 7th-ranked state for solar power. In 2020, 5.5% of the state's electricity was generated by solar energy. This is enough to power slightly over half a million homes. Furthermore, solar panel installation prices in NJ have fallen by 38% in the last five years. If there were a perfect time to go solar in New Jersey, the time would be now.

Other solar companies make false promises that sound good up front, then never pan out. With Alliance Solar, you will never question our motives. Our solar salespeople don't use charlatan tactics. Instead, our solar company is chock-full of honest, hardworking individuals who want to assist you in making the switch to solar. We know all the sublime solar incentives in NJ, so it'd feel like a crime not to share them with the incredible residents of our home state.

If you're contemplating investing in a home solar system, give our solar team a call so we can answer any questions or ease any reservations you may have. We service locations throughout the USA.

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Top Reasons for Solar Installation in New Jersey

There's Never Been a Better Time to Make the Switch to Renewable Energy with Alliance Solar!

Be Part of the NJ Movement for Residential Solar

New Jersey is in the top ten states leading the way for power nationally. When NJ residents choose to go solar, they are part of this movement — taking hold of their own energy while also simultaneously giving back to their community. You're bettering the community & planet.

Net Metering in NJ

With a typical electrical bill, you pay for the energy you used provided by the utility company. On the other hand, solar panels always create power for your home. So, what do you do with excess energy? Net metering is a way for solar panel owners to sell their solar power back to the grid and get credit toward their electric bills.

NJ Solar Tax Exemptions & Credits

New Jersey is one of the very few states who offer residents: no sales tax, property tax exemptions, plus the federal tax credit. Without the 6.6% sales tax, you can put that money right back in your pocket. Property taxes in NJ add up fast, so this is a relief. There are also NJ solar incentives.

Our New Jersey Solar Panels Process

Solar Installation, Simplified.
Your switch to solar is the shift our world needs

We feel it's important for homeowners to understand every step of the NJ solar panel installation process in order to be fully informed about their new panels and also become a resource for their New Jersey neighbors and family.



DO YOU QUALIFY FOR SOLAR? We need to gather a few pieces of information to determine whether your home qualifies for solar power or not. We'll have you fill out our qualification form and answer a few questions like how old your roof is and a copy of your most recent electric bill. Then, we'll review the data during your FREE virtual consultation. It's that easy!

Go Solar - Qualification for Solar Installation
Go Solar - Proposal for Solar Panels


Proposal & Design

YOU QUALIFY! NOW WHAT? You probably have a ton of questions for our solar specialists now that you know you qualify for a system. Do you need to pay anything out of pocket before the installation? Probably not. Are there federal and state solar investment and incentive programs? Yes! Can you choose to self-finance your solar system? Yes! As a qualified solar power homeowner, you are guaranteed to receive TRECs for 15 years at a fixed rate of $90. Our team will go over other New Jersey solar incentives for you to take advantage of!


Virtual Site Survey

Get ready for us to view your location from a virtual site assessment. Now that we've got the proposal and financial stuff out of the way, it's time to get your custom solar system designed by the world's leading solar power engineers. Every house is different, so you can expect your system to be entirely unique to your surroundings. New Jersey solar power for your homestead is just a few steps away!

Go Solar - Solar Panel System Design
Go Solar - Permitting Approval for Your Solar Installation


Permitting Process

We are an industry-leading solar company that streamlines the permitting process. Our team sends all necessary documents to your local, state, and federal government agencies for approval. You do not have to worry about doing any of this because we handle it all.


Installation of Your Panels

The day has finally arrived! It's time for our professional New Jersey solar installers to get those panels on your house! We use the best tools and equipment in the industry. Our materials and methods are second to none! We use an infallible installation process that is quick and precise.

Go Solar - Solar Installation
Go Solar - Solar Panel Activation



Now that your solar power system is installed, you're probably wondering, "How do I turn this thing on?!" No worries! We won't leave you hanging. Our team will activate your system and show you everything you need to know about how it works. Plus, if you experience any issues or have questions, we're just a phone call away.

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Experts for Installing Solar Panels

Alliance Solar is your top service provider for solar system installation. We are with our customers every step from start to finish. You can count on our team to have authoritative answers that you can understand. Our services include:

  • Qualification screening
  • Financing & federal incentive programs
  • Solar system designing
  • Professional installation
  • Activation services

When you decide to "go solar," you will never be alone in the process. Our company knows that making the switch is a big deal. We also offer commercial solar in NJ for your building or business. You can count on us to walk you through everything. Are you ready to schedule your FREE consultation?

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Our NJ Solar Company Offers Resources

Turning to us as your trusted NJ solar company means you will be inundated with support. We offer phone and email availability to answer all questions that you have about solar energy. You can also visit our blog to read the latest news on solar power systems, incentives, and much more.

There is so much information circulating about solar systems, and our team wants to make sure you get accurate facts. If we don't know the answer to your question, you can guarantee that we won't rest until we have a satisfactory answer. So explore our resources today and enjoy learning more about solar panels and how they're changing the world.

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“The Alliance Solar team is very professional, reliable and did a great job for a competitive price. Very satisfied with the finished look and excited to start saving with solar. I highly recommend them.”

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Alliance Solar is expanding in the national solar community because we know the value of going solar. Not to mention, we keep track of the best solar incentives for our customers! Reach out to us to learn more.
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