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Stop Paying Astronomical Electricity Prices. Go Solar. Here's How:

Why Go Solar?

Generate your own power. Obtain more freedom.

What does it mean to "go solar"? Our solar company believes that going solar, in essence, is to stimulate financial freedom for customers while also generating green energy power. After all, home solar panels pay for themselves. So, why not take control of your home's power generation. While most sources of energy are labeled as "green", the production of electricity often requires fuel and carbon emissions. 

Alliance Solar is expanding in the national solar community because we know what the value to go solar means. Not to mention, we keep track of the best solar incentives for our customers. Don't delay, call your local solar energy contractors today!

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Top 6 Reasons Homeowners Go Solar

Though there are countless reasons to go solar this year, Alliance Solar has compiled a list of the top reasons we believe going solar is the way to go, and there's more to it than just saving money!

Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC)

When you go solar in 2020, 26% of the total solar installation project costs can be claimed as a tax credit on your federal tax return. However, in 2021, the federal solar tax credit decreases to 22%. Unfortunately, in 2022, the federal solar tax credit is set to expire for residential consumers but will be at 10% for commercial use. Take advantage before these amazing tax credits are gone!

Net Metering

Let’s say it’s a sunny day and you spend the majority of your time outside. In this instance, you may use less electricity than your solar panels are producing throughout the day. If you have net metering for your home, your meter will “go backward”, thereby crediting you for generating an excess of energy. You receive credit for the stored or “netted” kWh you produce. 

Tax Exemptions

Some states including Pennsylvania and Maine make customers pay sales taxes and property taxes on solar panels, while others are part of the “tax-exempt” club. Though solar increases the value of your home, you don’t need to pay taxes on that value. That's just another wonderful reason we’re thankful to work across the US! Ready to join the growing list of homeowners going solar? 

FAST Investment Return (ROI)

In most states, the average homeowner will make back the money they spent on solar panel installation after about six years. Thereafter, your solar panels will continue to generate money for you through annual savings. Homes with solar panels benefit from increased property value of 2-3% on average. There's no doubt going solar is a lucrative home upgrade!

Financial Freedom

What better way to financial freedom than no longer having to depend on the electrical grid for electricity? You, the homeowner, are now in charge of your solar power with the savings to boot. Over 20 years, the average solar panel owner will save about $14,000 on their electricity bill. Some people say solar panels pay for themselves but, we say your solar panels are free.

Green Impact

While solar panels save the average customer 1-2 thousand dollars a year, to go solar also means to decrease your carbon footprint. More specifically, you prevent yearly greenhouse gas emissions of 7 tons of carbon into the atmosphere, which is the equivalent of planting 127 trees. When you’re going solar, you’re also saving the environment for future generations. That's important to us.

Ready to Go Solar?

Our Comprehensive Solar Process Overview

You've learned about the reasons to go solar, but how does the process of home solar panels truly work?
-- Step 1


Is your house a good fit for solar panels? Not every homeowner qualifies for solar panel installation. A site visit will be completed to determine compatibility, evaluate roof type, size, and pitch, obstructions & sun exposure. First, we need to assess your residential or commercial property and make sure solar is the right decision for you. If your residence does not receive enough sun hours, has a steep roof pitch, or the property has obstructive trees, solar panels may not be the right choice for you. That’s why Alliance Solar is sure to vet every potential customer so that they are fully informed of the benefits and options for solar installation.
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-- Step 2


Once you conclude that going solar is right for you, our team will guide you through the process of navigating your solar panel options. One popular option is to purchase the panels upfront due to the associated incentives of owning a solar panel system. However, homeowners can also go solar at no cost! We'll walk you through both our finance-to-own or leasing/PPA (Power Purchase Agreements). Finance-to-own means that you take out a loan in order to pay off your home solar panels on a fixed rate. On the other hand, when you enter a power purchase agreement with our installers, the solar panels on your roof are not owned by you. However, you benefit from purchasing the electricity generated by the system at a significantly reduced, fixed rate!
-- Step 3


Then, the solar design process begins. Your Alliance Solar energy contractors will first calculate your home’s daily energy usage (watt-hour use per month/year). Next, measurements and dimensions of your roof will be taken, which is crucial to determining the viable roof space as well as the number of panels on your system. Our solar installers will map out the layout of the solar panel system taking into account factors including roof orientation, location, sun hours, and aerial imagery. The solar photovoltaic system is designed to offset your complete energy usage, therefore, be sure to disclose if you anticipate an increase in usage such as electric car charging.
-- Step 4


While you can expect our solar company to complete the all the work in regards to obtaining permits, we also make sure to educate our solar customers about every step of the process. When you decide to go solar, permitting is an important step! We are required to relay specifications about proposed equipment and the designed system in order for the state to give us the ‘go-ahead’ for installing your solar panels. First, we will contact the local building department to obtain an electrical permit and building permit. A solar PV permit may also be required depending on location.
-- Step 5


Once we receive permitting clearance, your solar power installers will set a date to begin the solar panel installation for your home or commercial location. In most instances, a brief inspection of your roof will be completed by an engineer to ensure your roof can handle the additional weight of the racking equipment and solar panels. After the installation process, our solar contractors will reach out to a building or electrical inspector as well as your utility company to verify the system and determine any corrections to be made. Most states require a full five-year warranty on equipment, labor, in addition to the cost of potential reinstalling or replacement of defective parts.
-- Step 6


Congratulations, you’ve flipped the switch on your solar panels! Moreover, you’ve succeeded in freeing yourself of wasteful, monthly utility bills, and have the capability to generate your own power! Alliance Solar supports you throughout the process of going solar AND after the solar install, providing ongoing system support. As a homeowner or commercial property owner, you’ll begin paying off your system through solar power and are free to enjoy a builtin annual paycheck via net metering and Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs). 
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See what our customers have to say:
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"The Alliance Solar team is very professional, reliable and did a great job for a competitive price. Very satisfied with the finished look and excited to start saving with solar. I highly recommend them."
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Better Residential Solar Services For All Homeowners

Residential solar power means saving money for you and your family, which could be made passively on your home. When you go solar, know that a solar installation provides you with the financial freedom needed to wave goodbye to utility company payments. Residents can also benefit from the federal tax credit running until 2022 when the solar panels are owned or financed to own, resulting in even more savings. 

The most frequent question we hear from our local communities is, “How do solar panels work?” This question sheds light on the overall lack of resources available and competing information being communicated to residential consumers. Allow Alliance Solar to escort you through the solar process and be your all-knowing guide. Schedule your estimate today and meet with a receptive, knowledgeable member of our team!

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Own Commercial Property? Go Solar!

Depending on the size of your business building, you may be paying a pretty penny for electricity costs. But, when you make the switch to commercial solar panels, you can create increased returns, decreased operational costs, and decreased reliance on an unpredictable energy market. With this in mind, there are also incentives for businesses to invest in commercial solar installation. 

  • Federal Tax Credit (ITC): As a commercial business choosing to go solar in 2020, you can expect a federal tax credit of 26%. However, in 2021, this decreases to 22% and in 2022, decreases to 10% for commercial businesses. The choice for commercial solar is now!
  • MACRs Depreciation: This is a tax tool which business can use to recover some of their costs from the commercial solar installation. Please speak to your accountant to learn more about reducing tax liability and increasing ROI.
  • Performance-based Incentives (PBIs) & Local Incentives: After you complete the install, your company may be eligible for SRECs, local incentives, and state tax credits.

Clearly, it’s time for any business in the US to go solar . After all, doing so is the preferred & socially responsible choice that companies across the nation are making. Your customers are more likely to buy from a ‘green’ company. Contact Alliance Solar to discuss your options with our team today!

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