Is Solar Worth it In PA? (A Solar Expert's Opinion 2023)

April 13, 2022

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Are you ready to go solar in PA? While many homeowners appreciate the concept of clean energy, they might hesitate at solar installation costs! In turn, it’s not unusual for property owners to wonder, is solar worth it in PA?

While every homeowner needs to decide on this for themselves, some expert advice can help! Check out some vital information about solar panel installation in Pennsylvania, including pros and cons. Then, discuss this information with a solar energy contractor as needed to help decide if it's a good idea to go solar in PA for your property.

Is Solar Worth it in PA? [2023]

First, note some reasons why Pennsylvania solar in 2023 makes sense for almost every homeowner. Next, consider how these reasons stack up against your solar energy system costs!

  • Choosing solar means reducing and potentially eliminating your monthly electric costs. In turn, you can upgrade appliances and electronics without worrying about more expensive bills.
  • Solar means you don’t need to worry about energy rate hikes over the years.
  • Solar panel installation often raises property values by about 4% on average. That’s $4000 for every $100,000 your home is worth!
  • Installing solar in PA means reducing fumes and pollutants created by electric power plants.
  • Installing solar panels and recycling them after use are both labor-intensive industries. Choosing a solar installation then means creating jobs in a growing industry!

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Average Cost of Solar Panels in PA

Your cost for going solar depends on the panels you choose, and how many. However, most state residents might pay between $12,000 and $17,000 for a solar installation. Also, note that federal solar tax credits, rebates, and other such incentives can lower that price significantly! To note if solar is worth the investment, consider some added factors:

  • First, the average residential electric bill in Pennsylvania is about $100, or $1,200 annually. That’s $12,000 every 10 years!
  • Second, consider that solar panels don’t necessarily produce all the power needed for your home. Supposing they cut your electric bills by 80%, that’s a savings of $80 every month, $960 annually, or $9600 every 10 years.
  • Consequently, your solar panels might then pay for themselves after 12 to 15 years. After that time, any cost saving on electricity is money in your pocket!
  • Above all, note that solar panels often increases a home’s value, often by 4% or more. That’s $4000 for every $100,000 your home is worth! In turn you can improve your financial portfolio overall when you choose solar.

Do Solar Installation Increase Property Taxes in Pennsylvania?

Unfortunately, Pennsylvania does not currently offer a property tax exemption for solar panels. In turn, you might face increased property tax costs if those panels improve your home’s value. However, Pennsylvania has offered state rebates for solar panel installation in PA.

Consequently, your solar installation might be less costly than you think! Federal tax credits also make solar far less costly than you might assume. If you have questions about property taxes, rebates, or financial incentives, consult a solar installer.

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Pennsylvania Solar Incentives 2023: Can You Get Free Solar Panels?

Certain programs can mean getting free solar panels in PA! However, note that programs can vary from year to year. Consequently, it’s vital that you call solar installers quickly when you’re ready to take advantage of those programs. This will reduce the risk of missing out on some great financial programs for your solar panels.

Pennsylvania Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

A power purchase agreement or contract allows a state-licensed solar contractor to install panels on your roof. In turn, they sell you electricity produced by the panels, at a fixed rate. While you don’t own the solar panels under this agreement, it does mean significantly lowered electric bills for homeowners.

PA Sunshine Program

The PA Sunshine Program offers solar installation financial help for low-income households. This program only includes households with incomes below 80% of the state’s average.

Local programs

In addition to state programs, there are local programs that offer free solar panels or financial assistance for solar installation. For example, the Commonwealth Solar Rebate Program offers rebates to homeowners who invest in solar panel installation. A solar installation company can offer more information about local programs for which you might be eligible.

Currently, there is an initiative led by the DEP Energy Programs Office called "Finding Pennsylvania's Solar Future" to help find ways for PA to increase its solar energy output to 10% by the year 2030.

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Does PA Have Net Metering?

Pennsylvania does offer net metering for residential solar energy. What does this mean, and how does it work? Net metering refers to sending and selling solar power back to the grid, or your local utility company.

  • First, a contractor wires solar panels through your home’s circuit box, which connects to a local utility company.
  • Second, your home’s power meter tracks electric usage and costs for your home.
  • Next, solar power sent back to the grid runs that meter in reverse.
  • Lastly, you receive a bill or credit for the difference between these two amounts.

So, supposed your home uses $100 of electricity in a month but your panels produce $80 of power. In turn, you would receive a bill for $20. If your panels produce more power than your home uses, you get a credit for that difference.

Net metering offers many advantages for homeowners. One is that you don’t need to invest in a storage bank or batteries to hold solar power. Two, staying connected to the grid means always having power for your home. Three, you can see your solar savings when you get your bill or credit every month!

Also, note that laws affecting solar power and being “off the grid” vary by location and are subject to change. Consequently, staying connected to the grid with net metering ensures you won’t need to retrofit your solar panel system in the future. You also won’t need to worry about finding room for solar batteries or replacing those over time.

Are Solar Panels Worth it in PA? Yes, Solar Energy is the Solution!

Alliance Solar is happy to provide this information for those who want to go solar in PA. Hopefully, you found it helpful! If you still have questions or are ready for a FREE consultation, call our expert Pennsylvania solar installation contractors. We’re happy to explain solar energy advantages to you and help you choose the right panels for your home. For more information, call today!


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