How Long Does Solar Panel Installation Take? (Your Timeline Guide)

October 14, 2022

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Solar panel installation is an excellent investment for any property. Choosing solar means creating electricity without any resulting fumes or emissions. Additionally, solar panels lower and even potentially eliminate your property’s power bills! Also, a solar panel array can increase property values, often by 4% or more.

One question many property owners have about solar panel installation is how long it takes. After all, once you decide to go solar, you want to start enjoying those lower energy costs quickly. While every solar installer is different, you might note some general guidelines for solar panel installation. Then, discuss any additional concerns or questions with your solar energy company as needed.

How Long Does Solar Panel Installation Take?

On average, the entire solar panel process will take between 3 months and 6 months to be completed from start to finish. This includes your initial consultation, solar panel design, filing permits and paperwork, scheduling the installation, the installers completing the installation on your roof, and an inspection. The actual process of solar panel installation, where panels are attached to your roof, should take no more than 1-3 business days.

how long does solar panel installation take

How Does the Solar Panel Installation Process Work?

First, note that the solar installation process involves more than just a contractor bolting those panels to your property’s roof! Second, remember that every contractor and property is different, so these are just guidelines of what to expect.

Lastly, remember that many financial incentives, including tax credits, include deadlines. In turn, it’s vital that you check with your accountant, panel manufacturer, or installer about the requirements for claiming those credits. For instance, tax credits might apply when you sign the contract, not when your contractor installs the panels.

1. Solar installation starts with a consultation and property inspection

Every solar array installation starts with a consultation (whether in-person or virtual) and property inspection. During this meeting, a contractor should answer all your questions about solar power. Also, they might explain what to expect when it comes to cost savings and other issues.

Additionally, an installer needs to note a property owner’s installation budget and power needs. Moreover, roofs need to be in good condition to support those panels! A contractor also needs to note how many panels that roof can hold before preparing a contract.

Lastly, note that a contractor might suggest that a property owner address needed roof repairs before solar installation. Roof repairs often require a contractor to remove those panels temporarily, to allow a roofer proper access. It’s best to schedule those fixes before panel installation!

Once a property owner decides on their panel model and other factors, a solar company prepares a contract. This entire part of the process should take only a day or two. Then, after everyone signs on the bottom line, the next phase of the process begins!

2. Designing and ordering your solar panel array (30-45 days)

Designing a solar panel array or installation is a vital part of this process. During this step, a contractor takes exact measurements of the roof. Also, he or she notes its angle and how that affects its sun exposure.

Once he or she completes this process, they typically order your solar panels new from the manufacturer. Using new materials is important, as solar panels lose efficiency over the years. Consequently, ordering panels from a manufacturer ensures that your company is using only new, high-quality materials for every installation. This entire step from start to finish might take 30 to 45 days, on average.

3. Permits and other requirements (30-45 days)

After designing and ordering your materials, a solar crew should pull all necessary solar permits and handle other local requirements. This might include notifying your local utility company of your upcoming installation. This process usually takes about 30 days but will vary according to your area. However, a reputable company will keep you informed through this step in the process.

4. Solar panel installation (1-3 days)

Once a solar company receives permits and other requirements, they’ll schedule your solar panel installation. Most installations take from 1 to 3 days, depending on your property’s size. Large-scale commercial installations might take up to a week or more.

Whatever the case, your solar installer should keep you updated on their progress! Also, they should inform you of any unexpected delays they encounter. In turn, you should know when they expect to complete this step.

5. Inspections and follow-up (15-30 days)

After installation completion, a solar installation job is not done! A team should inspect your equipment after connection and work with local utility companies as needed. For instance, your local power company might need to inspect the installation and replace your property’s power meter. This process might take 15 to 30 days or more, depending on your local power company.

converting solar energy

Is a Solar Panel Installation Worth It?

While solar panels might cost several thousand dollars at installation, there are many reasons why they’re worth your investment! Check out some reasons to invest in solar and then discuss this option with a solar installer near you:

  • Solar power offers clean, renewable energy. What does this mean? Solar panels create electricity without emitting fumes or other pollutants. Also, renewable energy refers to an energy source that doesn’t need replacing, such as trees or coal. In turn, solar is a very eco-friendly energy type!
  • Solar panels often increase property values, usually by about 4% or more. In turn, you can build equity in your property faster and sell for more money if you decide to relocate.
  • Investing in a solar panel array means lower energy costs. In many areas, you can even sell excess power produced by your panels back to your local utility company!
  • Additionally, solar panels might allow you to upgrade production equipment, electronics, and appliances without an increase in utility costs. Imagine upgrading commercial production equipment or buying oversized appliances without having to worry about budgeting for a bigger electric bill!

Lastly, consider that investing in a solar panel system can encourage your neighbors to do the same! When they see your new panels, they might be encouraged to check out a solar array for their own property. As a result, they will also help reduce pollutants and emissions otherwise produced by local power plants.

Alliance Solar is happy to provide this information about solar panel installation to our readers. Hopefully, you found it helpful! If you’re curious about solar power, call our solar panel installation contractors. We offer free consultations and quotes. For more information, use our contact form or contact our customer care team today.

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